U.S. Loans Mortgage can help you with a mortgage in the states of PA, VA, CO, MD and CA.

     Fred Glick, Principal Innovationist for U.S. Loans Mortgage LLC and U.S. Spaces, Inc., is a sharp-witted and outspoken realist for the mortgage and real estate world.  He has been featured on CNBC and NPR’s Marketplace, and is often quoted in the Philadelphia Inquirer in addition to other media outlets.

     Fred is all about running his companies as “Triple Bottom Line” firms. This means that People, Planet, and Purpose are the guidelines that he follows .

     Fred has been a Board member of the Morris Animal Refuge, member of Freddie Mac’s LP advisory committee, as well as  the UpFront Mortgage Brokers Association.  He is also Board Member of the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors and a star goaltender with the Wharton Wildmen hockey team at the University of Pennsylvania.

Please do not hesitate to contact him at fred@fredglick.com or call him at 215-852-4469 or 415-683-6950.

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