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HVCC Needs a Mid Course Correction

How is the HVCC like the Apollo missions?

In case you have not had a transaction in the mortgage world since last May, the HVCC is not working (understatement).

Now, it’s time to explore how to make the fraud stay away in the financial world balance with people getting accurate values of their home.

Some have said, let’s do HVCC like VA where the apprasier is just chosen by a computer.

Others say that since the original reason HVCC was done was because of a company and loan officers that don’t exist anymore, so dump it.

The appraisers themselves have had their incomes slashed and the Management companies (some owned by the Lender themselves) have gotten richer.

To quote someone, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Well it is broker, so let’s fix it.

If New York Attorney General Cuomo is a real leader, he will take the lesson from NASA during the moon shots and make a mid-course correction and fix what is wrong or the HVCC capsule will end up in deep space!