Election Results and Housing

Loud and clear, the voters all over the country said loud and clear that JOBS are their number one concern.

The new people elected, either the Governors of NJ and VA or the new Congressman from the 23rd in NY all need now to be the symbols of employment.

If they don’t follow through on promises they will set the stage for current politicians to go looking for other jobs that may in fact may not be there.

With corporations learning to make money without employees and automation, we need to find the new internet…the bridge to jobs for the Twenty Teens.

Could it be that the President makes a decision to increasw troop levels in Afghanistan to add jobs by way of the troops and the military manufacturing industry?

Should we have corporate sponsorship for munical projects (i.e. The Comcast Bridge, the Citibank Street, etc)?

Now to real estate. To all the agents that say, “It’s a great day at ABC Real Estate” and “The market Is Great” and my favorite, “It’s A Great Time To Buy.” All I can say is SHUT UP!

People are NOT that stupid that they are going to say to themselves, “let’s buy a house even though we have no idea if my job is going to be there.”

The real estate business needs to grow up and become a place for agents that are a lot more professional and intelligent.

Upgrade the requirements just like the mortgage brokers did.

Make the real estate agents fill out the new HUD approved Good Faith Estimate just like the mortgage business need to in 2010.

That way, the people who do want to buy or sell a home will have confidence that the person doing the work for them will do a good job.

That will give the agents more business because people won’t try to sell homes themselves or just search Craigslist for FSBOs because they don’t want to deal with an agent.

OK, now time for the second cup of coffee.

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