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October 9, 2009 Compiled: 12:56 AM


Education in America, suffering for years, is about to get much worse thanks to cuts caused by the financial crisis.


The foreclosure crisis is exacerbated by a shortage of lawyers for at-risk homeowners. Lawmakers need to provide money and legislation to make legal options more accessible.


The European Central Bank and the Bank of England kept their benchmark rates at record lows.


In the year since the government stepped in to rescue the collapsing mortgage giants, the agencies have taken $96 billion from the Treasury, and may still need more.


A 1995 law designed to prevent frivolous lawsuits is preventing the details of the auction-rate securities debacle from emerging.


Half a million troubled homeowners have seen their loan payments lowered under an Obama administration program.


A year after Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac teetered, industry executives and Washington policy makers are worrying that another government mortgage giant could be the next housing domino.

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