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July 15, 2009 Compiled: 12:51 AM


President Obama may not want to focus on rising unemployment and foreclosures until health reform passes, but he should still lay the groundwork.


Companies want to be prepared when the global economy rebounds, but say lenders are squeezing them on credit.


Keith Mills, a British investor, has started a public advertising campaign against a venerable private bank over soured investments in A.I.G. funds.


Goldman’s stunning second-quarter earnings, and its bonus pool, raise the prospect of rekindling public fury over Wall Street pay.


The bank posted the richest quarterly profit in its 140-year history and announced its plans to pay huge bonuses this year.


Markit, a data warehouse controlled by several big banks, said it had been notified that it was the subject of an inquiry.


The public pension fund has filed suit in California in connection with $1 billion in losses that it says were caused by “wildly inaccurate” credit ratings from the three leading ratings agencies.


Rick Wagoner, ousted in March, was eligible for $20.2 million, but took a cut consistent with that of other retirees.

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