Mortgage Mystery Questions of Life

1. How come under the new mortgage help program from the current administration, the people that need help can only be qualified at 31-38% of their income, but a new borrower can go to 45% or higher.

2. It’s was alright for a company’s loan officer to originate a 100%, no doc, option arm or a 50% loan to value conventional loan and VA 100% along with USDA 102% deals but can’t do an FHA loan unless they go through a ridiculous and onerous process to become approved. Hello!!!! It’s time to change this process.

3. Lenders believe that appraisals have something to do with a borrower’s ability to pay when there is about a 50% loan to value when they have 750 scores and a 20% debt ratio.

Do you have a mortgage mystery question or an answer to any of these? Post them at


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