10 Tips for Pet Owning Sellers

Pet-owning sellers may turn off potential buyers if they don’t keep Fido or Fifi out-of-sight during showings.”If a dog or cat is around during a showing, I’ve found that a buyer either freaks out because they’re afraid of or allergic to animals, or they fall in love with the pet and don’t pay attention to the house,” says Maria Rovegno, a broker with Prudential Douglas Elliman in Port Washington on New York’s Long Island.

Here is a list of advice for sellers when showing a house that has a pet:

1. Remove photos of pets from the walls, shelves, or refrigerators.

2. Clean food and water bowls regularly, and hide them when not in use.

3. Stash away pet toys, crates, carriers, and leashes.

4. Vacuum carpets, upholstery, and wood floors.

5. Keep litter boxes clean and out of sight, and remove signs of doggy potty pads.

6. Open windows to let in fresh air.

7. Neutralize odors with fresh-smelling candles and air sanitizers.

8. Hire professionals to remove unsightly pet stains.

9. Board or crate animals during open houses.

10. Repair visible signs of pet damage, such as scratched walls or floors.

Source: Newsday, Aimee Fitzpatrick Martin (12/29/06)

I agree. Also, make sure your buyers know that youa re taking them to a home with a pet. They might be allergic or against certain pets. Your agent should check with the Listing broker to make sure there are no pet issues.

I did find a cat in an apartment (I was advised), but I did not understand his eating habits. See the picture above to see what I mean……a cat that can lie down and eat at the same time!


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